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Join the MJ Club to get all the ongoing expert advice, tools and encouragement from Matt and his team to keep focussing on nutrition, achieve a real breakthorugh and reach your goals.

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Here's what you get to ensure you reach your goals:

Weekly email Weekly MJ Club (MJ+) Email with Matt's advice & tips
A powerful motivational idea and the latest MJ+ updates in your email box every week. Click here for a sample

Tune Up Expert Tune-Ups (adjustments) to your plan
Matt and his team can update your diet plan based on your new shape, new goals or any challenges. You get access to the Tune-Up Request Form so we can give you expert advice.

Motivation Recipes > Over 350 with MJ Exchanges
Over 350 tasty MJ Approved Recipes with MJ Exchanges, carefully selected to give you variety and fantastic flavour. You'll find salads, salad dressings, stir fries, stirfry sauces, marinades, kebabs, fruit desserts, dips and smoothies. More coming every month. Click here for a sample PDF

Motivation Supermarket lists & brand name guides
Brand name lists for over 1,000 packaged foods, all with MJ Exchanges, plus a downloadable shopping list with 12 supermarket categories; fruit, vegetables, dairy, meat, breads, pasta, breakfast, soups, drinks, snacks, condiments and frozen meals.

Food Database Food Database
Browse and search over 1000 foods to easily see their Metabolic Jumpstart Exchanges. New foods added every month.  

Exercise log Exercise Log
See how many calories you burn and log your exercise sessions. See how you compare to the targets.

Motivation Motivation Planner > Matt guides you step-by-step
Read all Matt's weekly motivational messages and complete your own 7-Step Motivation Planner.

Weekly email Articles - Insightful ideas
Matt's insightful articles, updated every month including Nutrient-rich eating, Can exercise make you fat? and How to break a weight loss plateau.

Seminars > 20 of Matt's mind-shift audio seminars
Listen to Matt explain simply and powerfully how to overcome common challenges. Seminars include Cutting Diet Confusion, Activating Activity, Cooking Lean and Supermarket Savvy.

Motivation Tip Sheets > 100 tip sheets to help you overcome challenges
So many Tip Sheets to help you manage almost every situation and challenge, ranging from #11 Supermarket Shopping Tips and #16 Reading Nutrition Panels to #34 Beating Eating Triggers or #48 Seven Ways to Break a Plateau.

Expert InterviewExpert Interviews > Hormones, cholesterol, gluten intolerance
Matt interviews leading experts to give you facts and confidence.Listen online or download each 30-45 minute expert audio interview. Your first two interviews are Gluten Intolerance and How Hormones Affect Your Weight.

Download Downloads > Tools & bonus material
Really useful resources to download, including a blank Ready Reckoner template, antioxidant colour chart and energising live seminar recordings with slides.

PLUS receive continued access to My Jumpstart:

Getting Started > Revise any time
Review each week of your Metabolic Jumpstart program whenever you like.

Food Groups Food Groups > Updates to the Ready Reckoner
Receive updates to the MJ Food Groups so keep up to date with the Exchanges.

FAQS FAQs > New answers every week
New questions and answers are added every week to build your confidence.

Discussion Discussion > See what people are saying & join in
Ask Matt your questions and comment in the Discussion at any time.

Feedback on the MJ Club (MJ Plus):

"After being on the MJ program for nearly 6 months now, I love the e-mails that I get with extra tips and FAQ - loved the 7 Smoothy recipes and the MJ Stir-fry guide (now laminated and up on the kitchen wall - lots of friends comment and ask about my eating habits!!).

The eating side of it now has become habit, but new ideas for recipes and different ways to spice up the menu are great, so that it doesn't become boring or mundane.Loving the Mantra's on MJ+ and the FAQs reinforce and validate the changes I have made in my eating habits in the last 6 months!!! Thanks for everyones input and looking forward to more recipes and ideas!!"
- Sue Carmichael, Sydney

"As most of us have realised weight management can be a lifetime challenge - I know it is for me. What has really made a differnce for me over the last 6 months is having a fantastic resource on-line that I can reference when I want. It's great reading everyone's questions and the answers the 'team' comes up with.

I find it motivating seeing others experiences and how they are finding things and knowing I'm not the only one out there that struggles from time to time, how it is okay to fall off the track as long as you get back onto it. Thank you Matt for providing this wonderful tool and all the inspiration you give us.
- Val Isted, New Zealand

Keep your Jumpstart energised, join the MJ Club and get access to hundreds of dollars value for a simple monthly membership fee that you can cancel at any time.

Only $9.95 per month (Pay as you go!)alt

CLCK HERE > Yes, I want to join!

How your MJ Club (MJ Plus) subscription works: No 12 month commitment - You pay monthly as you go! We will email you confirmation and website access to MJ Club (MJ Plus) within 24 hours of your subscription (access is not instant). Your MJ Club (MJ Plus) subscription will be billed on a monthly basis (every 30 days) from the day you subscribe. My company 'Smartshape Pty Ltd' will appear on your monthly email receipts. 

It will continue until you alert us by email that you wish to Unsubscribe, at which time we will cancel your monthly payments. We will confirm your cancellation request. Your MJ Club (MJ Plus) website access will cease 1 month after your last monthly payment.




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