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"Metabolic Jumpstart has changed my body and the way I think about food. I've dropped dress sizes, centimetres and gained fitness. Matt O'Neill's plan is so simple and the support of his MJ Club is amazing. If you want to change your diet for good, get onto it!"
- Jess Melkman

Jess' amazing transformation  

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Metabolic Jumpstart gets results , is simple , easy to follow , takes out the guesswork and has no gimmicks. It matches your needs, is not a diet , helps you find balance and puts you in control for permanent change. It's motivating, empowering and builds your confidence. It changes your thinking and works even when you've tried diets before or think you already have a healthy diet.

Metabolic Jumpstart get's results


The best thing about MJ was the results!!! This is the first time I have done a diet plan, but this made me aware of what I was putting into my body, how my body was reacting to it, and then how my actions would affect the results I desire.Gemma Robinson

By day 3 I was bouncing out of bed waking earlier than my alarm clock. My body fat dropped quickly in just 2 weeks. I love the balance in the diet which I know is good for my body, I am now eating more fruit, which has always been my weakness. Thanks for the JumpStart to better healthAnn Neilsen

I really enjoyed the changes it has created. I feel more energetic, no longer crave junk. There are ample amounts of food, and I generally feel a lot better and healthier from this positive change.Geoff Hicks

“Metabolic Jumpstart is the perfect eating plan - diet is a negative word, this is more a positive look at food and how to get you on track and feeling fantastic!Since Jumpstarting, I have more energy, I’ve been able to increase my training for the City 2 Surf and now feel I could run it comfortably! I also no longer have cravings for sweet things, chocolate especially!Kristy Wallace

Fantastic. As each week progressed (and I wasn't always angelic) I felt better and better, more vitalised, energised, just great. I have lost 3.5 maybe 4 kilos, my clothes are looser and I have energy to burn. You've got to do it. NOW. It was very easy, as most things are once you've made up your mind. Sensible eating, sensible advice and great results. I am still going to adhere to the jumpstart and hopefully it will become a lifestyle, with the odd falls of the wagon!!! I really enjoyed it, thank you Matt.– Mandy Reed

I have a 3 year old and 7 month old, and was finding it really hard to get back to my pre baby weight and shape. After running around with the kids all day, I was feeling tired and lethargic and found myself eating sugary foods to try and get a quick energy boost. It was a bit of a vicious cycle I suppose. MJ helped me break the cycle and get back on track. I am on the way to returning to a weight that I feel comfortable at, and I feel energetic and happy. I am finding that I have more patience and am less stressed since following the MJ plan. I am also sleeping better which is great!Naomi Sullivan

I found out about Metabolic Jumpstart from my personal trainer and it's been the best thing I've ever done. Most people will try diets in order to lose weight but don't think about how you can do this by simply taking care of your body and increasing your fitness. Metabolic Jumpstart has jumpstarted my metabolism and my fitness levels using a plan specifically tailored to my needs. Now where else can you get that? Lana Osbourne

With a very busy lifestyle I was struggling to meet my body's needs on a regular basis. And because of this I was constantly feeling worn out. The Metabolic Jumpstart was a fantastic education tool for me. I have learnt what my body needs and when. The changes I have seen physically, mentally and emotionally are amazing. I recommended it to everyone I speak to!Belinda Barrett

Metabolic Jumpstart is a great way to get your nutrition organised and supportive of your goals. Actually it's the best way - no tricks, no potions, no false promises - just truly good nutrition that can last a lifetime. I have lost a little girth around my tummy but the biggest change I have noticed is how much better I feel and recover from workouts, etc. The extra food and great nutrient balance really helps with overall well-being, energy and strength. – Ryan Fraser

I can’t believe how good I feel, I never say "OMG I'm so full, I've eaten too much". I always feel light. I love how my clothes are fitting. I want my friends & workmates to feel as good as I do. I really notice how much & how badly my work mates eat, we are nurses for god sake! – Narelle Wood

I am really enjoying the program and feel great. I have already lost a few unwanted kilos and look forward to even more results over the coming weeks. It is certainly making me think before I eat and making sure I choose the right options for the day.” – Billy

It jumps starts you into eating properly, helping your metabolism work more efficiently. You feel great, your workouts are better, you have more energy for your workouts & throughout your day.– Jacqelyn Cavanagh


It's simple


The best thing about jumpstart for me was having a list of foods broken down into easy to understand categories. I knew exactly what I needed to aim for and what each food would give me.– Brett Patsky

Fantastic - have already recommended to friends - realistic and nutritious– Cath Lomax

Easy to understand, easy to follow and really does work.By seeing results almost immediately this made me more motivated to succeed and wanting to continue with my good results.– Wayan Steele


Easy to follow

Tick“Absolutely Fantastic - Best weight loss / healthy eating plan out there!!! Having completed the entire four week program without straying off the plan I feel I have made a beneficial start to my new fit and healthy lifestyle. The program is easy to follow and is exactly what it says it will do. Great stuff!Steve Fryer

“Metabolic Jumpstart is so easy to follow and understand. Great communication and questions answered quickly. Excellent!Venita Goldrick

The best thing about Metabolic Jumpstart is that it is easy to understand, flexible and easy to incorporate into daily life. It helps you change the way you think about food and makes you more conscious of what you put in your body.Carolyn Smith

No expensive plans, no expensive gym memberships and no invasive surgery .....A rarity today in the weight-loss industry. The road back to healthy eating and a shrinking waistline was so easy!John Guthrie

It's an amazingly easy to follow diet plan consisting of great nutrient rich foods that totally destroys cravings and gives you more energy than ever. It totally rocks! Evan Moring


Takes out the guesswork

Tick“Metabolic Jumpstart is a great resource of information. It takes away all the guess work.Paul D’Alessandro

GREAT! A simple, no-gimmicks, common-sense, easy-to-follow weight-loss plan that sets you on the path to healthy eating habits and an awareness of how to eat well.It was easy to follow and all the thinking had been done for me. It was so clearly laid out and took all of the guess work and mystery out of how to lose weight and to eat healthily.Marion O’Halloran

Metabolic Jumpstart is a great way to gain the understanding you have probably always been looking for when it comes to your nutrition. It's the how/what/when/why of food for you! Help is there at your fingertips whenever you want/need it.Paulette Andreotti

I think that a plan takes away the guess work of what, when and how much to eat is a great help. The weekly emails with tips, etc provide great information to assist you in reaching your goals.Colin Hart


No gimmicks

TickBrilliant program. I lost 5 kg in 4 weeks and I am never hungry. The Metabolic Jumpstart program has no gimmicks, no meal replacement shakes, no exclusion of food groups such as carbs, just good healthy hearty food. I am well and truly a convert.Stephen

An eating plan for life - no gimmicks, no hidden agendas, just terrific fresh food, an individual menu plan specifically for you, and an online buddy motivating you to keep ‘jumping’.That it's just so simple!– Ann Stephenson


Matches your needs

TickA fantastic Nutrient Rich meal plan that helps you with exact measurements and serving portions according to your body type and what you want to accomplish.Jalina Howard

The matched diet plan made it really easy to plan our menus for the week, and also daily. It gave us realistic targets to achieve each day. It was surprising when I received my report, as it showed that I wasn't eating enough, which combined with breastfeeding was most likely contributing to my fatigue - now fixed!Nikky Van der Meer

An individually-tailored eating plan that is easy to understand and follow, with simple methods for adding flexibility and variety to create nutritious daily meals.” “I was interested and impressed with the simple and flexible method Matt provided. - It was completely individual, provided ample nutritious food (with variety), and best of all, was extremely easy to understand and follow!Kiera Batten

Metabolic Jumpstart is an easy doable way to lose or maintain weight with normal everyday food. Inexpensive and as interactive as you like on line with plenty of support and tailored to your own weight and height and activity. Highly recommended.Jeanne Beatty

Metabolic Jumpstart is a personal eating plan matched with your goals - it is not an 'off the shelf' diet! It is acknowledges that the body works as a unit (physically, emotionally, etc) and reinforces healthy balanced eating whilst encouraging an active lifestyle. Matt's support tools are user friendly and keeps you motivated and on track. The nutritional targets are realistic, allowing for most things in moderation, and offer food alternatives to keep you Jumpstarting. I've seen great results during my Metabolic Jumpstart and absolutely recommend it to all!Rebecca Blakesley

“Metabolic Jumpstart is a personalised nutrition plan tailored to your bodies needs, aimed at optimising your energy, health and weight goals. It educates you as you go through each week about what you need to do to stay in balance when you do have extra treats in your diet. You'll get 'kick ass' results without feeling hungry and get control back, enjoy the occasional treat without the guilt and be responsible for your choices around eating.Jenny Kingston


Metabolic Jumpstart is not a diet

TickCan't beat it! A diet - when you're not on a diet! Sensible eating plan that gives you results! Fantastic value for money!I didn't feel like I was following a diet - it was a tool I'll use from now on to assess my eating habits and plan my weekly meals. What I have learnt from MJ is now second nature - I don't have to think about it I just do! I got results and continue to see results weekly!– Richelle Jones

Very easy - meal plans/exchanges are simple to work out with detailed communication in the initial report and weekly updates to help keep you on track, and it works! It's not a diet - it's a healthy eating plan– Katherine Sugarman

I really liked that I didn't have to cut anything out. I've tried diets before where there is either no cheese or no bread or both and I can do it for a while but in the end, in my opinion, life's just not as good without bread and cheese!! I also liked that I was really improving my nutritional intake while also reducing my caloric intake. Hitting two birds with one stone if you like. All in all though, the best thing was that I've lost 4kgs in 4 weeks and I'm keen to keep going. It's more of a lifestyle choice now than a diet.” – Kathryn Scobie

A great program with lots of support and advice available. Easy to follow, and you don't go hungry. It's not a diet - it's a better way of eating.– Erica Broomhead

“It is not a diet. It is just the way we should eat. It brings us back to basic nutrition without all the fancy 'diet' potions and hollow promises of quick fixes and unachievable goals. – Samantha Bowden

I love the fact that this program is not a fad diet and does not promise to deliver unrealistic results. It is affordable, user friendly and most importantly it offers encouraging support. This program is a useful tool to help re-educate yourself to eat properly and I would recommend everyone to have a go and challenge themselves for 4 weeks! – Rachel Love


It helps you find balance

TickI find I am rarely hungry and don't feel like I am on a 'Diet'. I have in my head this is just the way you should always eat so if I do happen to have a bad day or two it's not hard to pick up where you left off.Meghan Boyd

“Metabolic Jumpstart is the best nutrition program that really does motivate you to eat healthy. I am so happy that I started this program and will continue forever. Thanks to MJ I quickly learned what is was I needed to eat and how much I needed to eat of each food group. After one month of sticking to my nutritional plan, I have lost 3.5 kgs, cms all over, 6% body fat and learned how to continue this healthy eating fir the rest of my life!!! It isn't easy and you have to work hard, but it is so worth it! Thanks Metabolic Jumpstart.Kara Gruber

Most importantly, Metabolic Jumpstart showed me that you do not have to starve to lose weight! Taught me how important it is to eat more balanced nutrients in sufficient amounts. Assisted me to have more energy to perform planned exercise sessions and have the energy to do all the other tasks I need to accomplish during the day.Kathy Randall

Metabolic Jumpstart is a great way to learn about the correct foods for your diet without becoming bogged down in myths and fads. It also enables you to better understand the link between diets and exercise and gain an understanding that you can have treats but you have to work them off.Gabrielle Campbell

This program teaches people how to eat nutritiously and takes the 'food as a reward' focus out but making people understand what is good for them and the implications of eating 'extras'. Great program!Michelle Gossage


Puts you in control

TickI found Metabolic Jumpstart to be a very simple to use program that helped me to take control of eating healthy. I am at the stage where I can calculate in my head what food targets I have met and what I still have to have at any time during the day. I find it helps steer me to what I am going to have in my next snack or meal. I no longer fear being able to maintain my weight, long term!Seona Roberts

I feel as though I am back in control of what I am eating. It was like having a personal dietitian telling me what to eat and why and I could feel and see results in 1 week so I kept doing it.Robyn Hodge

Metabolic Jumpstart was a great way to achieve any goals through natural, fresh foods rather than fad diets. It taught you portion control and when to eat or not in terms of mood and hunger levels.Alex Mihalyka

Metabolic Jumpstart provided me with the focus and understanding I needed to take control of my weight and nutrition. I actually discovered I had not been eating enough, and not frequently enough. I also ate the wrong proportion of food groups - but all of this was easy to adjust. It is a way of eating that I feel able to sustain. Sandra Luxton


Metabolic Jumpstart helps you make permanent change

TickWhat I have learnt from MJ is now second nature - I don't have to think about it I just do! I got results and continue to see results weekly!– Richelle

Not just another diet fad, this is a system that is sustainable and works – Mike Edwards

“Metabolic Jumpstart is a 'real food' sensible program that you can follow for life. It covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle in a sensible sequence that is easy to follow, flexible and suited for life.– Samantha Leach

MJ gave me freedom to stop counting calories, it made my meal choices easy, there were no gimmicks or promises of massive and rapid changes. It taught me how to eat for years to come, not how to drop a dress size by next week. – Julie Denton


It's motivating

TickA fantastic way to get you motivated that won’t leave your body feeling hungry, yet the unnecessary weight just falls off!!! EASY to follow and I feel FABULOUS!Shelly Barber

“Metabolic Jumpstart is a chance to reset your diet with good clean wholesome nutrition. We all fall of the horse from time to time and the Metabolic Jumpstart program is that jump start you need to re-balance and re-energise oneself.Kylie Reh

I found MJ a very satisfying, simply and easy to follow nutrition plan, which kick started my weight loss journey and reignited my will and determination to achieve the body I desire.Rowena Grace

“Metabolic Jumpstart is a great way to reignite your weight loss action plan and keep it on track.Brad Conway



TickThe absolute best thing about Metabolic Jumpstart was the simplicity of the program. It was easy to understand and follow and all the foods were everyday foods which were readily available. This is a program for life, not just a short term fix. It empowers you with the knowledge to live a better life.Donna-Lee Phillips

Metabolic jumpstart, gives you the tools you know about for weight loss, but puts them down in easy to follow guidelines to get you doing what you know you need to do. It put's in writing all you need to get started to give that weight loss the nudge. Lynda Whitton

“Metabolic Jumpstart is about getting your body to work properly, providing it with all the essential foods required to give the energy needed to perform everyday physical tasks and more. Getting metabolism fired up and understanding how making good nutrient rich food choices is so easy and makes perfect sense. Why was I confusing myself all this time when good food is all I need, along with good regular exercise?Maree Rees

What I loved about the programme is that you made it so easy to get started and you made us feel empowered. O loved your weekly mantras. Loved your weekly AUDIO updates and the discussion board whenever I had a question I wanted to ask it had already been answered brilliant. Thank you so much metabolic Matt and team. Big cheers from me and my family.Darinka Higoe


Metabolic Jumpstart builds your confidence

TickIn the space of 4 weeks, I've lost 7 kilos, and lost 5 centimetres off my waist and chest, and 3cm's off my hips! My use of my ventalin inhaler has decreased as well! I now have the confidence to achieve my goal of 10% body fat. Something I've never been able to do. – Simon Blackburn

It gave me a new approach to my health, and a greater appreciation of my body. I now want to keep my body in the best condition possible, not only for my confidence but also to be able to lead the healthiest and most fulfilling life possible. I feel it is now serving as one of the main supports for me to achieve my goals and put my best foot forward in life – Brook Maynell

“The Metabolic Jumpstart program is the best think I've done for myself, for my weight and health. Great program with lots of support and it really works if you stick to it!!!” “I lost 9 kg by jumpstarting and it was the best thing ever I've done for myself and my future. Now I'm strong enough to stay on the track and I know what better nutritious choices I can make. It gave me confidence that I can continue my journey to get into the shape. I was size 16 and mow I'm size 14 and I'm not embarrassed to shop in boutiques. Thank you Matt so much for this wonderful program and your support. – Ksenia Shalyapina

Metabolic Jumpstart has given me the tools and support to break bad habits and the confidence to take this forward into the rest of my life. – John Gresser


It changes your thinking

TickRefreshing! Helps you retrain your mind to eat healthy which in turn makes you feel better physically & emotionally.– Claire Dwyer

“Metabolic Jumpstart is an easy and supportive way to rethink your diet, eating habits and exercise, from the comfort of your own home.– Mary Smeaton

“Metabolic Jumpstart is a fantastic and simple way to change your attitude to food and exercise. The best thing was understanding energy in and energy out - knowing that if I have an "extra" I need to burn that off at some point if I don't want to gain weight. And the difference between eating nutritional energy packed food and food that has no nutritional benefit but lots of calories, eating nutritional food was TASTY - processed food just tastes so bland now.– Joanne Daffern

Metabolic Jumpstart is an easy system to follow with achievable and realistic goals. It's great how you get people into the 'change' phase slowly and introduce things one at a time. It's also reassuring when you don't hit the targets that you know it's not the end and you don't need to give up. Thanks :)– Elaine McGarvie

The best thing about Metabolic Jumpstart is how it changed what I think and how I think about food. It has stopped the stressing of dieting because it just feels natural. I feel fantastic. I don't think I have ever just lost weight without having to try, no stress, no hunger in fact I am now eating more. – Cindy Brittain

“Metabolic Jumpstart is a great plan to help re-jig how you think about the food you eat. It is a simple and clear plan which provides clarity and direction in regard to what and when you should eat. It also balances food intake with energy output providing guidance on maintaining a food and exercise balance. – Suzie Morries


It works when you've tried diets before

TickThis has been the first ever "diet" (and I have done them all) I have started and not had severe headaches in the first three days. I am no longer a lolly-aholic, my sweet cravings have diminshed. My energy has lifted along with my skin tone. I feel great.Sirpa

I have tried many different diets with varying results, usually though I put weight back on plus. I have been working with a personal trainer for the last two years. My body was getting stronger but I wasn't motivated to sort out my eating habits until my wonderful trainer pointed me in the direction of the Metabolic Jumpstart programme. This programme has suited me down to the ground. I haven't felt at all starved or neglected of foods that I love. In fact being a total bread fanatic I haven't craved bread at all and have been totally satisfied with my daily totals. I have just finished week 4 and have so much more energy than I have had for a while. I am motivated to exercise and lose weight and am excited about being in a fit healthy body. I like getting feedback to my many questions from Matt and the team, and reading the discussion boards which have answered many of my questions. I know that Metabolic Jumpstart is a way of eating that I can continue and not feel like I'm on a ‘diet’ I think of it more as a way of life.” Sharon Fryer

After trying so many diets and gym programs I was wary as I just get bored and lose interest. I am so glad I did Jumpstart as I feel I understand how to eat healthy and get all the nutrients I need to get the most out of me. I'm not bored and it's now a routine I don't plan on changing.– Ellen Proudlove

Before jumpstart I tried all diets going from the soup diet to fasting to meal replacements. Yes, they all worked at first but then bam, I weighed more than I did when I started. Metabolic Jumpstart is the most realistic diet program that gives real results. You retrain your whole eating habits with real foods, not liquid diets, or replacement foods. In as little as 4 weeks you’re well on your way to a happier healthier you... take the challenge and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.– Linda Bauer

It is without a doubt the best program I have done. I’ve tried almost every program/diet known to man. This is the only one I've seen that is ease to implement with great results!So many programs give you black and white requests for unachievable results. This program gives you guidelines that are easy to follow. It also provides the support you need when you're just not quite sure. At 150cm tall I could never understand how I was to eat the same serves as my 160cm counterparts. This program is designed specifically for each individual and not just people as a general group. Best of all is the support that the Metabolic Jumpstart Team provide. Without this program I have no doubt that I would have ended up like thousands of other Australian that are overweight. This program provides lifelong achievable changes. Thank you all so very much!Kath Farnell

What an easy way to ‘get in shape’ ... simple to follow, flexible and definitely not like any ‘diet’ I've done before - I didn't feel as though I was depriving myself of anything. – Annette Croft


Metabolic Jumpstart helps you work out if you are eating healthy

Tick“Metabolic Jumpstart is the best and easiest way to get your head around eating healthy, and getting back in touch with your true food portions. MJ was so easy to follow. I didn't go hungry and it helped to get me back in touch with what I really needed. I always thought I was eating healthy, but in reality I wasn't. MJ also made me more aware of the correct portions sizes and how all those little extras really do add up.– Deb Stunden

I thought MJ was a fantastic way of teaching me portion control, and making sure I am getting the right amount of all food types, and not over eating on others. For example I always thought I ate quite healthily, bar the sweet tooth I have ;-) however I realised I completely overloaded on fruit!! Especially dried fruit!! I would eat handfuls of sultanas every time I went to the kitchen! When I saw that only one and half spoonful was an exchange, I quickly threw out my beloved sultanas and haven't bought them since! I would much rather save my fruit exchange for a punnet of blueberries than a spoonful of sultanas!! And the difference it has made!! :-)– Alana Tingle

I have always eaten well and exercised but couldn’t understand why I couldn’t shift any weight. Through Metabolic Jumpstart, I realised that my portions were way out. Now I am really conscious of portion control and if I want something extra I need to do more exercise.– Silvana D’Ettorre

I ate pretty healthy already so the best thing about MJ was that I could continue eating much the same foods but it taught me about portion control. It showed me how much of each food group I should be eating & what I should be cutting down on. And it's not a diet centred around eating less. You're encouraged to meet all your 'food exchanges' so I never felt hungry or like I was missing out.– Rochelle Gaul

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