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Polysistic Ovary Syndrome
Kate Marsh

Dr Kate Marsh is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian and Credentialled Diabetes Educator, and the founder of the PCOS Health & Nutrition Centre. Kate graduated with a Master of Nutrition and Dietetics from the University of Sydney in 1995 and went on to complete a Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education and Management at UTS, Sydney. She has recently compled her PhD at the University of Sydney with Professor Jennie Brand-Miller looking at the dietary management of insulin resistance in women with PCOS.



Lap Banding Surgery Diet Questions Answered
Helen Bauzon
November 2010

Helen Bauzon is considered a leading dietitian, published author, presented as the series dietitian for the foxtel program Living Life Now and is an inspirational speaker. Helen runs a successful private practice from a number of clinics around Melbourne. Helen's ultimate goal is to help you achieve your nutritional and lifestyle solutions in order for you to be your best.

Psychology For Success
Chad Timmermans

Chad Timmermans is a provisional sport & exercise psychologist. He works with professional athletes and sports teams to improve performance and mindset.



Mastering Exercise
Lisa Westlake, Physiotherapist

Listen to Lisa's amazing energy to learn the benefits of being active, Tips for getting started with exercise , How to avoid common injuries, The facts about stretching, Why the fitness ball works wonders, and How to make exercise M.A.G.I.C.





Help your kids eat well
Susie Burrell, APD

Reasons why kids are becoming more and more overweight, The families that are most at risk, How to recognize if weight could be a problem in your kid, Home action plans for kids with weight issues, Dealing with fussy eating, Tips for buying snacks and understanding the role of he food industry.


Vegetarian Made Easy
Sue Radd, APD

The definition of vegetarian and a flexitarian, Complimentary proteins and how to eat to get them, The latest research on the health benefits of vegetarian eating, Key nutrients you need to be smart about when eating vegetarian, Top plant foods for protein, Clear answers about soy and breast cancer.



Cholesterol revealed
Nicole Senior, APD

What cholesterol is, including the types of cholesterol, Who should get their choesterol tested, and what level it should be, What foods increase cholesterol, What impact high cholesterol has on the body, How to lower cholesterol with heart-friendly foods, What Plant Sterols are and how they help to lower cholesterol, What should be included on your shopping list to keep your cholesterol in check




How hormones affect your weight
Dr Tony O'Sullivan

What are hormones and how they work, Which hormones can get hotwired when you gain weight (insulin and growth hormone),
Common hormonal issues that can cause weight gain (insulin, thyroid and cortisol), The facts about these hormones plus testosterone, oestrogen and other new weight-related hormones, Specific hormones that your Doctor can test for you, Why eating a nutrient-rich diet is your best method to wire your hormones correctly.



Gluten Intolerance
Dr Sue Shepherd, APD, PhD

What gluten intolerance is and how many people it affects, How Coeliac Disease is diagnosed, What frustose malabsorption is and which foods can trigger it, How a specialist Dietitian can help you work around intolerances, How you can support somone with a food intolerance, How introducing gluten-free foods can increase the variety in your diet, What implications a wheat-free diet has for weight management, The common whole foods that can cause bloating, How sugar-free gum can give you "the bloats"


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  • Psychology for success - Chad Timmermans
  • Mastering Exercise - Lisa Westlake
  • Help your kids eat well - Susie Burrell
  • Vegetarian Made Easy - Sue Radd
  • Cholesterol revealed - Nicole Senior
  • Hormones - Dr Tony O'Sullivan
  • Gluten Intolerance - Dr Sue Shepherd

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