Mission Metabolism

Please join the mission and Jumpstart this country

I'm on a mission - Mission Metabolism - to jumpstart the nation to eat well, be active and maintain a healthy metabolism. This is also a fight for metabolic truth and has two enemies that must be defeated to win this monumental battle:

(1) Our modern obesogenic environment of sedentarianism and overabundance of calories, and

(2) The countless quick-fix slimming treatments that have the serious side-effect of depressing metabolic rate.

Both these enemies cause their damage by reducing metabolically active muscle mass (lean body tissue). Sedentary living accelerates the natural age-related decline in muscle mass, called sarcopenia.

Restrictive diets, including diet shakes, are promoted as slimming solutions but rob your body of even more muscle if they produce rapid weight loss. When you come off the quick-fix diet your metabolism is compromised and you still need to learn how to manage food.

I want to help people eat a nutrient-rich diet and I can show you how. I hope you'll join the mission.

Mission Metabolism

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